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SZER – The magic of Hungarian language

SZER – The magic of Hungarian language

The language we use determines the way of our thinking and our approach to the world. Also, formation of languages were driven by the way of thinking and approach to the world in ancient times. Those who speak a language just use it, but are not necessarily aware of the roots that formed it. I speak Hungarian. The Hungarian language, also known as “Magyar,” has a unique structure of root words that create a rich and complex meaning. This structure allows for the analysis of connections between phenomena that were seen as related in ancient times, as various forms of the same root word were used to describe them during the language’s development. I gladly show the reader some of these root words. Hoping that you will enjoy the read and that gives you wow-s and maybe you also find similarities to your language.

Hungarian is an agglutinating language. It glues words together, or glues additions to a certain word, forming the specific meaning this way. Most of the root words are not used alone, but the expressions what are based on them expressly show their meaning. One of the most important of these ancient root words is the SZER. It is root for expressions describing connections between people and things on the right way, or processes and phenomenons that make something better. Also basic element for expressions connected to order, organisation and structure. And many more. Let’s see its linguistic universe.

Hungarian English Comment
Szer Substance, drug, agent A kind of substance with (a curing) effect on the subject to which it is applied.
SZERelem Love between two „elem” is „element”
SZERetet Love in general „etet” is „feeds” but it less probably connected to feeding.
SZERetni To love
SZERelmes Lover, amorous noun
SZERelmes Is in love adjective
SZERencse Luck, fortune
SZERvezet Organisation, Body „vezet” is „leads”
SZERv Organ of the body
SZERvezni To organise
SZERtartás Ceremony Mirror: „keeping SZER”
rendSZER system „rend” is order
rendSZERes regular, systematic
SZERzetes rend order of monks
SZERzetes monk
SZERkezet Cosntruction, machine „kezet” does not have specific meaning, but „Kéz” is „hand”, so the expression seem to refer to something what hs been cosntructed by hands according to the greater good.
SZERkeszteni To construct, to edit, to design
SZERelni To repair also „to tackle” in sports
SZERelő repairman
SZERelvény Train set, fitting
felSZERelés Equipment
SZERszám Tool Szám is „number”
LóSZERszám Harness, saddlery „Ló” is horse
SZERény humble
SZERezni To acquire, To get The mirror translstion would be „to do it with SZER” rather used for things, objects, money
SZERt tenni To acquire, To get Mirror: „To put SZER” rather used for abilities, information, knowledge
SZERződés Contract
Zenét SZERezni To compose music „Zene” is „Music”
SZERző Author, composer
SZERét ejteni To take the opportunity to do something Mirror: „To drop SZER”
SZERtelen Nasty, not keeping the rules Mirror: „Without SZER”
EgySZER Once „Egy” is one
KétSZER Twice „Két” is the root for „Kettő” what is two.

But SZER gets modified in numbering words with certain deeper vowels. Eg. three times is „háromSZOR”, or five times is „ötSZÖR”.

SZERint According to
SZERintem In my opinon
gyógySZER Medicine „Gyógy” is „curing”
vegySZER Chemical „Vegy” is „chemic”
műSZER Eelctrical tool „Mű” is „artifical”
TanSZER Learning tool „Tan” is another Root word, forming words connected to education.
HangSZER Musical instrument „hang” is voice
Arany középSZER Golden mean aurea mediocritas” in latin
SZERep Role, function
SZERepelni To play a role
PótSZER Substitute, splice
FűSZER Spice „Fű” is „grass”
PinceSZER Meeting for drinking wine and discussing world at a winecellar „Pince” is cellar
Ott van a SZERen Cool, really pro Slang, Mirror: „he/she/that is there on the SZER”


I hope I could show a glance how interesting the logic of this language is and that you can think the hungaian language is “there on the SZER”.

There are more. Look around here for more similar articles.



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