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The Hungarian Sea Panorama

The Hungarian Sea Panorama

Our former boss, who we brought back from a company trip in the spring of 2003 with our colleagues so they could see the wonder, said: “It’s like the sea!” And then our former boss said something that struck us: “It must be good to live here!” It struck us because not only had we thought this for a long time, but we were also already working on leaving our fancy job in Budapest and living by Lake Balaton. A lot has happened since then, for example our former boss became our boss again thirteen years later, but this place keeps captivating us and everyone we bring here.

The Hungarian Sea Panorama. That’s what we call the visual wonder that opens up to us on the Kisfaludy Promenade in Akarit. From the top of the loess cliff, fifty meters high but close to the lake, we see the Balaton from the east, lengthwise. A huge body of water in every direction. A sea feeling!

We love to take walks here, to bring guests from faraway lands or domestic friends who don’t know the place. We often come here even when we’re driving through Akarattya. To deviate for a little while, to recharge. To drink in the sight that makes the soul soar in the vast space above the water.

There were a few benches before, but recently kind people have donated even more benches to the community, so walkers can sit down. We sit on a bench on the edge of infinity and all we know is that it’s good here. Everything else disappears.

A few memories come up. We often sat here with our loved ones drinking in our youth, not noticing how the storm approached from Siófok. Or we watched the lamps of the boats rocking on the clear evening with delight. We also released sadness, joy, and many things into this vast space. Because this vast space resolves everything, your consciousness becomes clear. As if you were on the edge of the world.

We have been bringing friends and guests here for a long time because this must be seen and experienced. Because something even more powerful happens to a person here than just seeing. You have to let go and it’s good. We also take a lot of pictures of this view, and we’re not surprised that the picture doesn’t give back the feeling. The panoramic photo doesn’t either. So we keep it inside us, but it won’t be enough and we will want to come back again.

We can understand that last year a terrace brewery was also built near the view on the promenade. Even though we haven’t yet understood their beers. But we’ll try, because anyone who comes here must be a good person. Or they become one.

For therapeutic purposes, a good walk and an hour of sitting on the Kisfaludy Promenade should be prescribed to people.

The multitude of drivers on the main road who are three hundred meters from here by car don’t even suspect what they’re rushing past. We often just rush past on the road too, but in exchange we come here even more often. Because the Sea Panorama gives us something back. Something from the feeling of greatness and infinity, in which it’s so good to immerse ourselves again and again until our smallnesses fall off us and we gratefully think about how good it is to live here!

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