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My name is Szilárd Kállai and I am from the 1974 edition. I live in Veszprém with my wife and one of our two children. Our older child is already in their own family, with a grandchild.

As a hobby, I am a writer in addition to my full-time job. My writing and reading interests revolve around more serious topics such as the world, society, the workings of the economy, history, and all of these in relation to humans. I have already published two novels, but I am not a writer because of this, but rather because of the internal drive and the amount of paper I have written on. By profession, I work in project financing at a big Hungarian bank. Project financing is one of the best things you can do in a bank. It requires versatile problem-solving skills and creativity.

I have been involved in literary book publishing as my own business for a long time. We have successfully published some of Eötvös Károly’s books. The books are about the former world of Balaton and Veszprém County in the 19th century, and they bring it to life in a colorful way.

As I know the current Balaton and Veszprém County well, I enjoy telling and showing the details and stories of it, I have gained a tour guide qualification. In my free time, I come up with various unique tours. The first of these is a one-day Somló mountain wine tour, but themed tours of Balatonfüred are also in the works.

I enjoy good books, good wines, Lake Balaton, and the Adriatic Sea. We haven’t had a TV since 2006, I don’t like news, sugary foods and fast food.

I write to share my knowledge and thoughts and to encourage readers to marvel and ponder. And I have this blog, because it’s easier than writing a novel 😉

Thank you for your attention! If you’re ready for a Wikipedia-style, deeper introduction, click here.

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